Talk Talk broadband – what’s the deal?

Talk Talk what's the deal image and text It’s been a hectic few weeks of work, visiting the in-laws, visiting my best friend and planning, meaning that organising for Internet to be installed at the new house got left a little late. I left D in charge of choosing a provider as he is the one qualified for the job with his IT expertise. But to be honest, I did end up sticking my nose in and having my say. D researched all the latest deals, first of all by using and then by verifying the deals on each provider’s site. 

Talk Talk came out on top for price at £17.90 a month for a 12 month and is considerably cheaper than the closest competitors. We don’t require any landline calls as we can use our mobiles, so we will just pay the flat rate for the line rental. 

There is the option to apply for installation using an online form but we decided to telephone the call center to speak to them direct.  I have worked for several communications providers and know from experience it is better to talk to a real human as they can answer any questions and maybe even haggle a better deal. So I called Talk Talk to organise the connection on my lunch break.  There was still a week to go until we move so I was hopeful that it would be connected shortly after moving in. I was wrong.
2 weeks without Internet. I repeat 2 WEEKS WITHOUT INTERNET!
Oh, and we are in the middle of the countryside, so there’s no mobile Internet signal either. Damn.
Because the line in the house is so old, it needs replacing which requires someone to come out and install a new one. There’s only one company who does this; Open Reach. All internet and landline providers have to use Open Reach to connect the line so I had to book a slot. The next available was 12th November! Even worse, it’s a weekday so one of us will have to take the morning off work to ensure we are in for our 8am-1pm slot. And, on top of those bummers, there’s an extra charge of £50 to have a new line installed into the house.  However, I did wangle a £25 discount for moaning about the price. Hurrah!

I do have a few concerns over their quality of service as a few years back Talk Talk hit the headlines for being rated the worst provider for customer service. However, a few people have told us they are better these days, so we took the risk.

The deal
Line rental                      £15.40 per month
                                                  Unlimited broadband        £2.50 per month
  Connection fee                £50.00 one off fee
      Haggled discount            -£25.00 one off credit
           Total                              £239.80 over 12 months

Talk Talk also give their customers the option to pay the full 12 months line rental upfront with the benefit of a hefty £58.00 discount. We have until the day before the connection (12thNovember) to make this decision. On one hand it would be very sensible to take this option as we would save a lot of money but as we have so many outgoings over next couple of months due to moving, we may benefit from spreading the cost. It’s a tricky decision but we have 2 weeks of no internet to ponder on the matter!                          

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PS. Do you use Talk Talk? If you do I would love
 to hear about your experience with them.

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