Beauty on a budget: Cheap fake eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes banner with photo of a closed eye

I LOVE fake eyelashes. But the first time I bought fake eyelashes I was shocked by the price and even more shocked by the idea that they might only last one night. After each time I wore them I religiously spent time removing the gammy glue and carefully placing them back in the packet ready for another night. I did this until they disintegrated, which was probably about 6 wears later- yes, a bit gross, I know. 
But then I discovered that I can get 40 pairs, yes 40 PAIRS for just over £7! Only problem is, they were on eBay and from Hong Kong. Normally I stay well away from international sellers whose products are extremely cheap compared to what I am used to paying. However, I took the risk and, to my amazement they are fantastic! Even better, the set contains 4 separate styles. It truly is an amazing deal. Here’s the listing for the set I have.

Display of 4 different fake eyelash styles

The eyelashes come in cardboard packs and are attached to the bottom of the pack by extra little bits at the end. These need to be snipped off with scissors and cause no harm to the lashes.  

tray of fake eyelashes

I didn’t get eyelash glue with the set I bought so purchased Eyelure Lashfix Adhesive for £2.75 from Boots which I have now had for 3 years and still have well over half the tube left. I have slightly larger eyes than the average person so the lashes don’t go very far into the corners of my eyes so I just put on some liquid eyeliner to help bend them in. They fit my best friend’s eyes perfectly so it isn’t as though they are short than ones you can buy in shops. I apply the glue sparingly to the length of the lash and allow it to go tacky for around 30 seconds before applying the lashes using tweezers. I then hold each corner in place until the glue has dried.   
Normally I put liquid eyeliner over the top of the lashes to hide the join and for a more defined look. I haven’t done this for these shots so you can see how the lash sits on my eye.   Unfotunatly there aren’t pictures of the finer style as the photos didn’t come out very well! I haven’t worn the fine ones before as I prefer the more dramatic effect of the thicker lashes.

open and closed eyes with fake lashes

open and closed eyes with fake lashes
open and closed eyes with fake lashes
There are loads of sets available on eBay and several different styles. Just keep scrolling until you find the most amount for the lowest price. I am no expert when it comes to make-up but I really recommend these to anyone.  Several of my friends have since bought them and are equally overjoyed as I. The only downside is that the delivery can take up to 4 weeks due them coming from Hong Kong, but they are well worth the wait.

PS. I would love to hear from anyone who purchases them.  It would be lovely to 

know I have saved someone lots of pennies 🙂

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