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You may have read about my budget visit to London in the last post, and how my best friend, Liz, and I spent a day seeking out street art. We used an iPhone app called Street Art London which uses GPS to pinpoint artworks in the area in which you are.  The app cost £2.99 and we travelled around on the tube using an Oyster card which meant our day was friendly on our pockets.

The app uses drop pins to show the location of artwork on a map that also shows you your location. When a pin is selected a thumbnail picture opens so you can see the artwork you are looking for. You can also search by artist which would be ideal for people only wishing to discover work from only one artist such as Banksy pieces.  A short description of artist is including which gives brief information about their life and concept behind their work. A team of people update the app regularly but street art is dynamic; one piece that is there today may be covered by another tomorrow.  For me, this added excitement; turning a corner and looking for one piece and being surprised by something completely different was half the fun.

Street Art London App screen shot

Here are some of the amazing art pieces we found

We saw 7 artists creating new pieces throughout the day. It was fantastic watching them work so quickly 
while onlookers snapped them in action. Some were so captivated with what they were seeing they would stop still in the road to get a clear view for their cameras that cars had to honk their horns repeatedly until they realised a car was almost touching their backsides.

Discovering art was a great way to get a whistle stop tour of Londonand be creatively inspired. It may not be the first activity on most people’s London bucket list, but I definitely think it should be somewhere near the top.  
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