Lunch on a budget: Mediterranean platter

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Lunch time can never come soon enough when I’m in the office. I love food and my day pretty much revolves around meal and snack times. I’m always able to eat and will do at any opportunity. Saying that, I am conscious that I need to make sure I am eating healthily and not having too many cakes and chocolate. This can be extremely difficult because the designated ‘treat’ table at work is topped up daily with doughnuts, biscuits, homemade cake and chocolates by colleagues.

I’m fairly inconsistent when it comes to planning food for lunch at work. Sometime I make a pack up, other times I nip to the supermarket and other times I buy from the sandwich man who comes each day to the office. This is definitely the more costly way of doing things. A simple sandwich from the sandwich man is about £2.80 and it doesn’t fill my greedy stomach.

I’ve promised myself that I will try harder to plan my lunch every week in order to save some extra pennies. All food for the both of us will be coming out of the joint budget so I am hoping to get D on board with packed lunches too. He currently spends £3 each day at his favourite deli in Harrogate. This equates to over £60 per month for just his little belly. I am as yet to bring him round to the idea. D argues that his lunch is healthy and fills him up for the whole afternoon which, I agree, is a good thing. So the challenge is to create a pack up that is as healthy and as filling as D’s deli dinner, but a bit cheaper.

Here is this week’s lunch:

List of items for Medeterranean platter with prices


At just £1.99 per day I say that’s a healthy yet frugal lunch! If I manage to eat for this price each day for the whole month, I will have spent almost £20 less than D would have. That’s quite a big saving!
All these items were bought at Tesco and I tried to go for the cheapest option where possible. Normally I get the cheaper beetroot but the pack is rather flimsy and I worried that I would stain the fridge purple. Next time I will bring in a sealable sandwich bag so I can buy the cheaper pack.

PS. I would love to hear your budget lunch ideas and 
add them to my list for future weeks.

By Jenni Tulip

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