How I saved £129 on my car insurance

How I saved 129 on car insurance

The time of year for sorting my car insurance seems to come round very quickly. I can still picture the faff I had last year trying to sort a good deal last minute since I totally forgot about my renewal and was reminded by a missed call from my insurer. My current insurer would have automatically bound me into a new deal if I didn’t’t actively stop so there was no fear of driving uninsured unknowingly; I would just have missed the opportunity to shop round for a better deal.

I was more organised this year so had a reminder set on my phone and received a renewal notice through the post from my current provider offering me a more expensive deal than I paid last year the cheeky beggars!
Normally I pay instalments by direct debit as I don’t have the capital to spare to pay all in one go. The overall price of the insurance is quite a bit higher when paying by instalments as you are technically borrowing money from a lender and the extra you pay is the interest.  However, this year I had money set aside to pay it all at one go.
The renewal letter quoted a one off payment of £362.00 which is more than I paid last year, so I set about looking for a better deal at the beginning of the week. It would make sense for D and I to get multi-car insurance as we both live at the same address so I filled out the forms on the Admiral website and the Direct Line website. However, the quotes were ridiculous so I hit
£306 was the cheapest quote which included windscreen cover, courtesy car and legal fees. I clicked through to the insurer’s website to check out the deal and read over the policy document full of flowery language. I insist on speaking to a real person before committing myself to a legal document so waited until the following day to call the company to ask some questions. They answered the phone promptly and they went over my policy, confirming the details I filled in online. Great so far. Then I double checked that the comprehensive insurance I wanted would cover me to drive other people’s cars, such a D’s, third party. No they said. What? Why not? As long as you are over the age of 25 and have fully comprehensive insurance you should be able to drive other cards under third party insurance. The advisor on the phone explained to me that since June 2013 most car insurance providers do not offer the cover due to people abusing the system. Apparently it’s only there for emergencies. I asked the advisor why this information wasn’t given to me online. He said it would be discoverable in the cover policy. It wasn’t. I had checked it. It said that the certificate of insurance would detail my third party cover if it was offered. I explained this to the advisor and he confirmed it would be detailed in the certificate of insurance. But you don’t get that until AFTER you have signed up to the policy. I argued my unhappiness for a while and decided to (politely) end the phone call.
Next, I called my current insurer, Renew, to see if they would provide the third party cover if I continued with them. Luckily they did! I then questioned the renewal price and stated that the renewal quote is higher that what I paid the previous year. I said that I had found a better deal online and the lady asked me what the amount was. I told her the amount and that it included legal cover but she didn’t even ask me for the company that offered the quote or for any evidence.  After a short time on hold she came back to me with a price of £302 including the legal cover, windscreen cover and curtsy car cover. If I wanted to pay with monthly instalment the price shot up to £371. Paying outright would save me £69. That’s a lot of money!
By spending a bit time shopping around and questioning my current insurer I managed to save myself £60.00 on my renewal price and a further £69 for paying in one lump some. That’s £129.00! It pays to do your homework 😉

P.S. Remember to check you are insured to drive other 
people’s vehicles next time you buy car insurance!

P.P.S. I would love to hear your tips for saving
 money on car insurance?

By Jenni Tulip

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