Thrifty picture frame collage

Picture frame collage

Decorating our tiny home has been exciting and is an ongoing process. One of the walls in the open plan front room and kitchenette spans the small hallway making it the perfect stretch to fill with framed pictures.

With our budget in mind I have begun collecting and spraying frames gold and filling them with pictures. Frames have been sourced from car boot sales and charity shops to add to my existing collection.
This cheap gold spray paint is fantastic and cost less than £7 from Wilkinsons. It’s easy to apply and the colour is the ideal for a vintage look.

The collection is growing slowly and some frames still need pictures but I love my display. It’s fun having an ongoing project I can add to over time.

I picked up 3 of these small frames at the car boot sale in Otley for just £2. The ornate frame was also from a car boot sale several years ago and was originally whit but looks even more amazing now it is spray painted gold. 

 I was ecstatic when I found the butterflies at the same car boot for just £3 each. A real bargain considering they go for around £25 on eBay! As a lover of wildlife I adore natural specimens I can bring into the home.

I asked my sister for framed photos of my three nephews for Christmas to add to my collection and received this gorgeous ornate frame which is perfect for my display. It was white but was easily spray painted and I love it even more now it is gold.

I love that the frames don’t have to be equally spaced; just put them where you feel they look right. It makes the process of hanging the frames really quick and relatively stress free. Check out my Pinterest here for more ideas and inspiration. 

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