Cheap bright tights

Since putting my emo days behind me I have consciously made an effort to add splashes of bright colour to my appearance mostly by having bright hair but also with vivid nail polish and with gleaming tights. I absolutely love colourful tight; they can give any plain skirt a statement look and I enjoy looking slightly wacky to reflect my personality.

What I don’t like about tights, however, is how easily they can be damaged. I’m not the most graceful of ladies; walking into the corners of tables, pulling split nails across my tights and cleaning out the ferrets before heading to work. Most tights don’t go more than one day without laddering.
This reason leads nicely into the next humph I have against tights; they cost (normally) far too much money for what they are. I have previously spent £7 on a pair thinking that the price should reflect the quality. But I was quickly proven wrong when they laddered as I took them off after the first time wearing them.
The final annoyance is more against high street stores rather than the tights themselves. It’s so hard to find a good colour range. Some shops sell selected colours when they are in fashion but only the odd colour and not all year around. I stock piled turquoise tights a couple of years ago when Primark had them in fear that they would stop selling them within a few months, which proved to be the case.
I recently discovered Missi tights sold by a range of sellers on the internet, but most cheaply on eBay for £2.29, delivered. The delivery charge reduces if you buy more than one pair, so the cost comes down to £1.89 after the first item is purchased. Now that’s cheap when I order 5 different colours at a time and I’m not as devastated when I ladder them. Brilliant!

PS. Do you enjoy wearing tights? If so, I would love
to hear where you buy your from 🙂

PPS. If you haven’t worn bright tights before, maybe my bright tights
Pinterest board will convince you to try them!

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