The Liebster Award

I have being nominated for a Liebster Award by my good friend and fellow blogger Emily from  I hadn’t heard of this fun linky type post until she told me all about it a few days ago and nominated me over on her blog. The Liebster Award seems like a great opportunity for readers of my blog (yes, you!) to find out a little bit more about me, and for me to find out a little more about a couple of other bloggers who’s blogs I follow.

These are the rules for taking part

  1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. You must state 11 facts about yourself.
  3. You must answer the 11 questions given to you, from your nominator. 
  4. You must nominate other bloggers, and set 11 questions for them to answer.
  5. You can’t nominate the person who nominated you.
  6. You must tell the people you’ve nominated them, so they can take part!

Answers to questions

  1. What do you like most about blogging?
    I like having a project of my own to be excited about, completely in control of and for recording my interests and journey while on a budget.
  2. How long have you been blogging for?
    I started blogging last September 2013 just before D and I were due to move into our first home together and start our saving plan. 
  3. What beauty product can you not live without?
    Oh gosh, I thought this would be easy to answer because I’m not much of a makeup fiend but now I come to write my answer I’m torn between eyeliner and mascara. I can’t leave the house without either. I’m not loyal to any particular brand; I just go for the cheapest!
  4. What’s your favourite music?
    Good question and also another difficult one to give just one answer for. I love a wide range of music from folk to chillstep, from drum and bass to Brit pop and punk ska to heavy rock.
  5. Do you have any pets?
    Any returning readers or those who follow me on Instagram will already know this one; I have two hob ferrets named Bramble and Forest. 
  6. What is your favourite festival?
    I love festivals! All festival! But, if I had to pick one I would say Boomtown which is down in Winchester in August. If you like bass tunes, mental circus acts, fire displays, and arty installations, then you will love this festivals. Unfortunately, I’m not going this year due to saving and I will be preparing myself for a weekend of sulking while all our friend are there without us L 
  7. What is your favourite meal?
    Bloomin ‘ek. These questions are two hard to give one answer for! I love all food (apart from mushrooms) but I will say either haggis, nips and tatties or pancakes!
  8. Do you have any hobbies?
    I go hiking regularly and am a casual bird watcher (not a twitcher)
  9. What would be your ideal career?
    Anything to do with animals but I think studying animal behaviour for science or animal husbandry in another country or a wildlife rescue centre in the UK
  10. Where in the world would you most like to live?
    There are so many places I want to visit in the world but if I had to pick somewhere to move to tomorrow I would choose
    Scotland. I’m in love with the mountains, woodlands and lakes
  11. What is your favourite TV programme?
    I’m huffing and puffing over having to pick one answer for each question! Game of Thrones is a definite joint first with any wildlife type documentary.

11 Facts about me: 

    1. I have three nephews 
    2. I have a soft spot for vintage china, floral patterns and pretty dresses. That’s about as girly as I get
    3. I collect skulls and feathers
    4. I hate all American sit coms. If you wish to give me some sort of Chinese mental torture, just make me watch an episode of Bing Bang Theory or Friends
    5. I used to live in a caravan which didn’t have a toilet
    6. I eat large amounts of butter.  I have butter with toast rather than toast with butter
    7. I have hand reared two crows, two magpies, a jackdaw and a rook
    8. The only time I remove my socks is when I shower, bath, swim or just need to change into a fresh pair.  I hate bare feet and I get anxious if someone wiggles their toes near me.
    9. I drive a Renault Kangoo which cost me just £150 to buy. I used to drive a Micra
    10. I normally choose soft drinks over alcohol
    11. I’m the worst person to watch films with; if the film is rubbish I will complain about it all the way through and if I enjoy it I will probably fall asleep.

11 questions for my nomine

    1. What’s the one bit of advice you would give to someone starting a new blog?
    2. What is your favourite film of all time?
    3. Is there any food that you dislike?
    4. Are you a city person or a country person?
    5. Do you own a onsie?
    6. Do you prefer to run on a treadmill or run outside?
    7. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
    8. Which countries have you visited?
    9. What do you do in your day job?
    10. What’s your favourite animal?
    11. Which one item can you not leave the house without?

I nominate Chantelle from for the Liebster Award. Enjoy Chantelle!

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.