Walk along Sugar Sands and Alnmouth Beach in Northumberland

We spent last weekend visiting D’s parents who are lucky enough to live in the peacful village of Lesbury which is located a short walk from the picturesque beach town of Alnmouth and the tourist honey pot of Alnwick in Northumberland.

Visiting the in-laws is actually a very pleasant affair. His parents are very generous and loving yet independent and don’t make too much of a fuss when we visit. We are left to organise our own schedule and fit in with theirs if we fancy. There’s always plenty of wine drinking, food eating and nattering and many a walk along the nearby beach and sometimes I ride mother-in-law’s (not yet, but easiest way to describe her) horse.
The air was mild and still on Saturday morning which made for a very enjoyable walk along Sugars Sands near the village of Longhoughton. This quiet and secluded beach is listed in The 50 Best Beaches by the Independent. The beach is accessible from a single track road which passed through Low Stead Farm. Upon reaching the farm gate it would probably make one hesitate for a moment as to weather it is ok to open. The signs are welcoming enough and encourage you to pass through to the car park a little further along after the farm.
We were greeted into the car park by a young bullock that sniffed the car while the rest of the herd waited on the beautiful white sand down by the shore.

I love the patterns and textures created from the layers of rock within the cliffs. The power of the waves is clearly visible here like it is on most east coast sea fronts. Vast areas of horizontal flat rock juts out of the sand and reaches out into the sea which were once high cliffs but have been eroded away of thousands of years. The flora living on these rocks grow in an array of colours from deep purples to bright greens which contrasts with the white of the sand. 

Sadly I forgot to bring along my binoculars so couldn’t get a close look at many of the birds along the walk. We did, however, get a good look at around 80 curlew wandering in a filed and 5 eiders swimming close to the shore. Male eiders a particularly striking with their wedge shaped bills and contrasting black and white plumage. I don’t own a good lens to get close-ups of birds so here is an image sourced from Flickr to show how beautiful these birds are.

Image source Pete + Lynne

12 year old Meg the dog is in tip top condition thanks to her daily walks along the beach and gentle paddles in the coves. At home she spends most her time snoozing by the radiator but on the beach she leaps about like an excited puppy.
This hole on the soft sandy cliff face was probably created during the recent storms when the tides were particularly high. 

On higher land the remnants of a hillfort and a dwelling from the Iron Age a still visible. An interpretation board shows an artistic impression of what they would have looked like and provide some interesting information. I am the type of person who reads every interpretation board and I get very excited seeing evidence of history.
On Sunday, we walked along the footpath from the village to Alnmouth beach, passing tumbled stone walls and sandbags at the gates and garages of houses. D’s mother explained that the Council delivered the sandbags too late during the tidal surges of the storms so many houses were already flooded. On the beach, the huge concrete cubes that form the sea defences that are normally hidden within the sand dunes, are now visible.  

Their industrial and regular appearance contrasts against the harmless appearance of the beach. But the beach isn’t harmless; it’s forever changing. Seeing the uncovered sea defences is a strong reminder of the power of the sea and how dynamic the landscape at the coast is. 
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PS. Do you have any idyllic secret locations to share with me? 
I love recommendations of lesser-know places to visit. 

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