A little gem revealed: Low Farm Campsite near Dalby Forest

This Easter we spent a couple of nights at our favourite campsite in the North Yorkshire Moors. I was in two minds whether to share the location of this fantastic campsite because it is a place that not many people know about (and it would be nice for it to stay that way) yet is so wonderful and anyone who loves basic yet beautiful camp spots like me will be delighted to be informed about it.
Located only a couple of miles walk from Dalby Forest it is the perfect base for walkers, mountain bikers and families wanting to explore the forest. Even better, if you follow the footpath to the forest you don’t have to forfeit the £7 car parking charge you need to pay to get your car anywhere close!

Low Farm campsite is located in the very small hamlet know as Ellerburn which is around 1 mile from the picturesque tourist village Thornton Le Dale near Pickering. The campsite is pretty much just a long field, complete with sheep, chickens and 2 resident goats and is surrounded by a stream along two sides. It is extremely basic with a scruffy toilet block which has no hot water and with no toilet paper provided but there is a shower block over the road. If a scatter of sheep poops doesn’t bother you and you aren’t fussed about the limited facilities then I assure you that you will love this place. I have been coming to this campsite for 20 years and I’m sure the price hasn’t changed for at least the last 10!

It costs £10 per tent. Whether you have a one man pop up or a huge 6 birth tent, it doesn’t matter. It will be still £10 per tent and that’s it! You cant book, you just turn up at any time day or night. The farmer will be sat in the porch and you just take the money to him before opening the gate and driving into the field. If you arrive after dark, just pay in the morning. You can pitch up any where you choose. We usually head straight to the bottom if it’s quiet but it is the furthest away from the toilets. However, if you are feeling nimble you can cross the stream here to get to the footpath to the forest using a rope swing. It saves you having to walk all the way back to the farm to cross the stream just to come back down the other side along the road.

Camping near Dalby forest

Man on a rope swing over a stream

Anything goes at this site and the farmer just leaves you to it which is lovely. However, it does mean you could get a rowdy group playing music on some nights. I love the fact that we can turn up whenever we want and don’t have to worry that we are a big group or want to play music. At many sites you can’t have same sex groups and cant even kick a ball around! 
The site is great for children who love to splash in streams, fish and play on rope swings so don’t forget wellies and a net!

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As you can see from the map, the campsite is conveniently located close to the coast road to Scarborough and is the perfect base for anyone wishing to visit the seaside, Dalby Forest or the rest of the North Yorkshire Moors. Both Eden Camp and FlamingoLand are just a few mile away and it is also close to the Pickeringshowground which hosts a variety of events from steam rallies to game fairs throughout the year.

We return to this campsite year after year because of its beauty, rural feel, spaciousness and because it isn’t restricted by silly rules and regimented pitches. If you visit I assure you you will think twice about whether to tell others about it too!

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PS. Which is your favourite campsite? I would love to hear your 
recommendations for us to explore this summer.

By Jenni Tulip

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