Budget roundup: April

I think the fact that spring has sprung has made us come out of hibernation and go a bit crazy with the spending. Opps!  It isn’t that bad, just a bit erratic and doesn’t really follow the trends of the last three months.

A little change this month; an extra column has been added to show the amount each category is up or down by.  I think the use of red and green emphasises the differences and gives it more psychological impact. Well, it does to me! Check out those red numbers. Eek!



After several months of being messed around by Talk Talk our hopes were raised when D switched to a Virgin contract on his mobile which included an unlimited data allowance. He spoke to Virgin over the phone to confirm it was ok to tether his mobile so we could use it to get on the internet from our laptops and from my phone. He was told that this was fine so for a month we had a basic internet connection. However, on his billing date he was sent a warning email explain that tethering was not allowed on the Virgin network. We are pretty angry because he was told the opposite by an advisor. For now we will continue to connect to our landlords WiFi and scrap any hopes of getting our own connection. For this reason we have removed internet costs from the budget


Yet another month we have come in under budget for food. Hurrah!


Spring is definitely here and the warm weather has come with it. We spent £5 more on electricity this month but I think this is down to the fact we have spent more weekends at home throughout April. We put the immersion heater on over the weekend to benefit from hot water for washing up and baths so this is probably where the pennies have been spent.


In March we went £200 over budget on petrol, mainly due to visiting friends far away, but also because our engines emptied right at the beginning of the month and right at the end of the month. Because we both started April with full tanks, we have only filled up one more time each. I predict that the pattern will repeat throughout May and June.


Eek! This total makes me squirm! Ok so I have good excuses for this one! It was a good friend’s birthday night out in April followed by celebrations for D’s birthday (even though his birthday is today) and we also purchased gig tickets for the both of us and an extra ticket for our good friend’s birthday. The gig is an all-dayer so the tickets cost £40 each.


Technically a new one but not really as we haven’t budgeted for miscellaneous costs. My car broke down at the same time D’s car was in for MOT which meant I had to get a taxi to work for 2 days. The rest was spent on a replacement part to fix my car.

We have agreed to factor in all car costs into the joint budget as of May since we both use each car equally. This means the purchase of the car part isn’t too much of an issue but the unforeseen taxi costs has made us think a miscellaneous budget in the shared account would make sense. Costs like this don’t seem dramatic enough to come out of the Emergency Budget but does prove some money needs to be reserved for such instances.

This is the first month we have gone over budget so we aren’t too worried. We have plenty of money in the account from the previous month’s underspends to cover the deficit. However, with summer almost here we mustn’t let the sun turn us into happy spending zombies.

PS. Do you have a budget for miscellaneous and small unforeseen amounts? If so, I would
 love to hear how much you put aside. Our emergency budget for big unforeseen 
payments is separate to our spending budget 

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.