Free seed trays and low cost compost

Don’t throw your egg boxes away this spring, plant seeds in them! Three weeks ago we planted our first batch of lettuce seeds and I have just planted the second batch in these free seed growers. We are planting in batches so that the yield is staggered throughout the summer. Well, that was our intention, but look at the number of tiny lettuces growing in this egg box. D says we will be selling lettuces to the local farm shop at this rate!

 Preparing your egg box is so easy. Just cut the lid away and place it under the egg sections to give it extra stability. Fill with compost, the seed and water as required. Done! You may want to place your egg box on a tray to catch any moisture that may come through the bottom but we didn’t bother. We just placed it on the window sill and sprinkled it with water each day.

All our seeds were purchased at a bargain price and on a 3 for 2 deal form Lidl earlier in the spring and so far the courgettes, runner beans and lettuce seedlings are doing really well. The beetroot and spinach is looking less promising but I think this is down to our gardening skills rather than the quality of the seeds. We have planted a second batch of beetroot so I shall report back on their progress.
For our first batch of seeds we used Miracle Grow compost at a cost of £4.99. But this time around we are trying out Aldi’s compost which cost just £1.99. When I opened the bag up I was greeted with a strange stench that smelt half artificial and plastic-y and also a bit pig poo-y. I used my hands to fill the pots and it took two washes with the nail brush to get rid of the scent. The compost was so compacted it took several attacks with a hand shovel to make it manoeuvrable.

The consistency of the compost was more like half decomposed raw material than the soft fluffy texture I experienced with the Miracle Grow. I am quite sceptical of whether the Aldi compost will give the seeds a healthy start but I shall report back in a few weeks. As long as the growing results are the same as the more expensive compost I will be happy as the aesthetics don’t bother me.

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.