Marrow madness

Back in March I wrote about my attempts and germinating seedlings and hopes for a fruitful veg patch in the summer. Well, I’m reporting back and the news is great! Check out these bad boys!

Followers of my Instagram will already know that we are over run with marrows, We grew courgettes but we just can’t eat them fast enough and they keep growing into stupidly big marrows within a couple of days.

I can’t get over how fast they grow. I go out to the patch to select an appropriately sized marrow for our dinner, find that most are far too big and take just a couple of smaller ones. Two days later I return and the bad boys have got even bigger. I just can’t win. We have eaten marrow every day for the last three weeks and we have both given away many to work mates.

I have concluded from my first courgette/marrow growing experience that one does not require 9 courgette plants. With each plant producing an average of 6 vegetables that means we are to expect a yield of around 54 individual vegetables. FIFTY FOUR MARROWS!

When I first planted the little seed in their pots I feared that some would die and some would be attacked by slugs so would naturally be left with the right about of plants. But the things kept growing and growing

I recently read that courgettes can be planted as late as July to guarantee an autumn crop. With this knowledge I plan to grow batches of courgettes next year to ensure a consistent and sufficient supply throughout the season.

We have mostly had stuffed marrow the garlic, feta or halloumi and tomato as its very easy, quick and versatile side dish.

The lettuces also did extremely well but they all matured at the same time meaning we had lettuce for lunch and dinner every day for a month before becoming sick of easting the stuff. The remaining lettuces have now sprouted their flower heads so Bluebell the bunny now has a ready supply.
I promised to report back on the Aldi compost I purchased for just £1.99 and used for our lettuces in May. I was sceptical of its rough and bitty constancy but it did he job brilliantly.

The runner bean crop began last week and we have enjoyed 4 batches of beans so far. The season didn’t start so well. 2 of the 4 plants had their storks nibbled through by pesky rabbits. Luckily, the plants grew new stems which saved the plants. 

Last night we ate our first beetroot- it was fantastic! It was served grated in a mackerel salad. The beetrrot also had their leaves nibbled by the rabbit quite easrly on but they grew back fine.

I am very happy with my little veg patch the yield it has produced. The seeds were so cheap from Lidl and the compost from Aldi was only £1.99 Other than some time and care the vegetables haven’t cost us anything else. We have definitely saved money by growing our own vegetables as we have bought less from the supermarkets over the last month. Cross-fingers this will reflect in the amount we have spent on food shopping in July which I will port about in the July Budget Roundup.

PS. Have you grown vegatables to save money this year?

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.