Review: Mountain Warehouse softshell jacket

I was super excited to be approached Mountain Warehouse to review an item from their website, especially since I haven’t been able to buy myself little luxuries due to the strict saving plan we were on for the first half of this year and the strict paying-off-loan-plan we have now.

A soft shell jacket has been on my walking gear wish list for quite some time as I wanted a layer that was lightweight to pack into a rucksack yet warm and wind resistant- properties a jumper just doesn’t have. The Turku Showerproof Womens Softshell* Jacket meets these requirements and has the added bonuses of a hood and being showerproof.

The jacket has been on offer for £49.99 for quite some time but the label price is £99.99. Being a Yorkshire lass, I’m naturally very tight (and on a budget) so wouldn’t splash out £100 for a jacket, but the half price tag is very inviting.

On long hikes I always take a full waterproof jacket which I layer over a jumper and under layers to keep warm and dry. On dry, windy days a jumper just doesn’t cut it so the softshell jacket is ideal. I have worn the jacket on several walks over the summer but only last week it proved its full potential during a miserably drizzly and blowy walk up on the Yorkshire Wolds.

The fabric doesn’t get caught on every spike, thistle and twig which makes it ideal for hikes in dense vegetation and even for extreme blackberry picking. I really like the black, grey and purple colour scheme. It looks clean, tidy and I feel stylish too. I always choose functionality over form when it comes to walking gear so I am pleased to look good and feel good in this jacket.

I love having lots of useful pockets for storing items I may need quick access to along a walk. The side pockets are perfect to store my gloves and phone and the sleeve pocket is great for holding a note and a few coins ready for the pub (we always have to have a pub at the end of a walk. That’s the deal I have with Dave).

The Velcro adjusters on the cuffs are easy to alter with my Seal Skin gloves still on and the cuffs close comfortably and securely over the wrist of my gloves keeping me cozy and dry. The hood and jacket hem have adjustable elastics- perfect to pulling the jacket tightly in to keep the wind out.

I am highly impressed with how well the jacket kept me dry while on the drizzly walk. Underneath the hood I wore my Mountain Equipment peak hat and the combination worked well to protect my hair and eyes from the water.

This jacket is a firm favourite and will be taken on every long hike and worn on every short walk and it will also be packed for festivals next year. A sleek looking practical jacket at a price suitable for stingy, penny pinchers like me.

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.