Dying dyed ginger hair to pink

After struggling to find information on the internet about dying bright colours over ginger hair, I thought it would be helpful, to some, if I post before and after pictures of my result, to help those in the same predicament I was.

When I was an unnatural red head I used the colour Rose Red by La Riche Directions to give my hair a boost of colour and hydration. The colour sits on the hair rather than changing the pigmentation of your hair, meaning it conditions brilliantly and doesn’t damage the hair.

A few months ago a stripped my dyed red hair with Colour B4 with the intention of bleaching the ends and going a bright colour. But annoyingly my hair is too damaged from the years of dying it red, to risk putting bleach on it. Most red hair dyes contain peroxide that lightens your natural hair, so that the red colour comes out bright.

I was left with a light ginger colour which I quite liked, but was disappointed that I wouldn’t be having turquoise or purple hair anytime soon. After a couple of months I dyed my roots a mid brown and pulled it half way down my head to blend in smoothly with the ginger lengths. It looked quite natural, but I wanted a bright colour!

The photos of my ginger hair were taken when  I had just washed and blow-dried it. My hair is naturally dry and wispy but the damage to the lengths is quite apparent. Luckily, my hair looks healthier once it has been straightened and smoothed with serum.

The Red Rose colour from La Riche Directions is a bright, dark pink but I didn’t have a clue how it would turn out over my dyed and stripped hair. After chatting to a few helpful people on Twitter I just went for it. I’m very surprised and happy with the result.

The colour has taken well to all areas, including the dyed brown roots. The ends are a slightly brighter shade compared to the roots but it isn’t very noticeable when my hair is down. The pigment will wash out from the lengths faster as that hair is damaged and brittle, so I predict the upkeep will be tedious.

Red Rose stains everything, so gloves are a must as is lashings of cream cleaner on all your bathroom surfaces! It can come off on your pillow or collar before the first wash, too (luckily my pillow cases are pink). I put Vaseline over my face, neck and shoulders to reduce the inevitable dyed skin. I then use an abrasive hand cleaner, such as Swarfega, to scrub any  dyed skin. It works best on dry skin so do this before washing the colour out or/and after your hair is dried. If you have sensitive skin you will probably sting and go red but I prefer that to a pink neck!

So, if you have dyed mid-brown hair or/and ginger hair, you CAN have bright hair. Go for it!

PS. It’s rather difficult to take hair selfies, hence the grainy, blurred photos.

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.