I’m going to complete the Lyke Wake Walk Challenge

In one week’s time, at 4.00am on the morning of Saturday 13th June I shall be setting off on one of the most difficult journeys I have ever faced; the Lyke Wake Walk.

The Lyke Wake Walk is a 40 mile route across the bleak North Yorkshire Moors from the village of Osmotherley to Ravenscar. The challenge is to complete the route in under 24 hours. Yep, that means walking non-stop until the finish line is crossed. Women who complete the walk are titled Witch and males are titled Dirger.

I wont be facing the challenge alone, thankfully. I convinced Zoe of SplodzBlogz.co.uk to join me on my mad expedition.

From research we believe it takes the average walker around 16 hours to complete. Our aim isn’t complete it as quick as we can, we just want to complete it!

Our plan is to get a good half-night’s sleep at the campsite and begin the walk at 4.00am in the morning. At the crack of dawn. Are we mad? We will then walk, walk and walk for 40 miles until we reach the finish line where we will be collected by a taxi. That’s it; that’s our plan. The only thing that will prevent us doing the challenge is the weather. If the weather is due to be very poor we won’t attempt the walk as it could be too dangerous, let alone a horrible experience. We do aim to have fun!

Zoe has been preparing for the challenge by taking regular long walks. I have not. Time has got the better of me.

My plan is to not think too hard about it- I tend to get myself worked up over things which turns out to be wasted worry when whatever it is comes around. If I think about the distance, the possible blisters, the likeliness of rain, I will start to worry. There’s no point worrying because these things are out of my control. Well, mostly at least. I have done several walks in my new boots and bought blister plasters so hopefully my feet will be ok. The title of this post is a bold statement- I’m going to complete the Lyke Wake Walk Challenge. That’s me expressing positively.

I do need to plan though- the kit I’ll wear, the essentials I’ll carry and the food I’ll eat. I also need to study the route and take note of any sections that could be difficult to navigate. Zoe is well ahead of me on this one and has already purchased the Lyke Wake Walk guide. My maps arrived yesterday and I plan to pencil the route. The scary fact is the walk covers both maps from one side to the other- that’s a long way. Look! I’m starting to do what I said I wouldn’t do- think about it too much.

We are mad.

I’m going to stop writing now.

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.