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Last weekend I travelled to Edale in the Peak District for the first Outdoor Bloggers Weekend.

There, I met Zoe of for the first time after chatting over Twitter and through our blogs for over a year. Together we decided to launch a network where anyone who blogs about the outdoors can meet other like minded bloggers. We launched a website,, and last weekend was our first event.

We were joined by Allysse of who writes about her micro-adventures and shares her beautiful photography, and Mark of who shares stories of his hikes around his local area, Yorkshire, and further afield.

We stayed at Greenacres campsite, which was perfectly situated about half a mile from Edale village and boasts a new toilet and shower block with sinks for cleaning camping pots. The shower is free to use- no annoying pre-paid meter. The campsite has fantastic views down the valley and a footpath starts immediately opposite that leads to the pub and joins the path to Kinder Scout; our destination the for the following day. The campsite is adjoined to an equestrian centre and a paddock with 3 playful Reindeer. Yep, you read that right; their very own Dasher Dancer, Prancer*

*may have not been their actual names

Mark was due to arrive early Saturday morning so Zoe, Allysse and I enjoyed an evening stroll in the hills and got to know each other a bit better. We had hugs with two puppies on a farm we passed through then headed back down the valley to Edale and to The Naggs Head pub. The pub is the official starting point of the Pennine Way, the 267 mile National Trail that ends just across the boarder in Scotland. There we enjoyed a hot meal before heading back to the campsite for an early night.

The following morning Mark arrived bright and early and together we set off towards Kinder Scout in the distance. We retraced our steps from the previous evening, passing The Naggs Head before leaving Edale to tackle the steep rocky ascent up Grindsbrook. The thrilling climb required some hands and knees action but once at the top we were met with stunning views across the Peak District.

After a wrong turn we decided to head ‘cross-country’ in search of the path. This meant navigating what, at first, appeared to be easily passable moorland but quickly turned into peat bog terrain with deep crevices cutting through the landscape. We knew it was there and we knew it would be a challenge but who doesn’t love a challenge, right?

Jennifer Tulip outdoor bloggers weekend on the moor Kinder Scout

Photo credit: Allysse Riordan

Zoe got a wet foot in the bog. Zoe handled her situation very well. It’s one of those times I feel confident saying ‘rather you than me’. Even though she had to deal with a wet foot it was a far better situation for the 4 of us to be in than if I had got the wet foot. Trust me on that one.

The difficult peat bog terrain seemed to go on for what felt like forever and at one point I lost hope for finding the path. Mark pushed us on though and seeing several other people also making the difficult journey across the bog was comforting. Mark used GPS on his mobile to keep is heading in the right direction.

Jennifer Tulip eating a sandwich on a walk

Photo credit: Allysse Riordan

We finally made it to the path that follows a stream which eventually ends at Kinder Downfall, a rocky waterfall down the side of Kinder Scout with stunning views across Glossop and over to Manchester. After sitting a while to enjoy the views and some fizzy strawberry laces we continued towards the Kinder Low trig point.

Jennifer Tulip reading a map on outdoor bloggers weekend

Photo credit: Allysse Riordan

From the top we took a steep descent down Jacob’s Ladder which was hard on the knees, but the sudden bustle of other hikers and casual walkers coming up in the opposite direction for the view at the top, was pleasant and drew my attention from the unpleasant feeling. God knows what I’ll be like when I hit the menopause. I’ll probably be getting down hills on my bottom by then.

After the grueling steps we reached the bottom, turned a corner and, wohay! A little cafe with chairs and tables set in a yard came upon us. It’s surprising how the brain can so easily forget trauma (the bog) when faced with the prospect of a hot tea and a slice of ginger cake. Even more so when the tea and cake is followed by cider at the pub.

The evening was spent eating our camping dinners around a fire and we chatted about where we can take Outdoor Bloggers next.

I’m super happy that Outdoor Bloggers Weekend went so well and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of Zoe, Allysse and Mark. Zoe and I are already discussing plans for the next event and we are very keen to get more bloggers involved.

If you blog about the outdoors it would be great to have you join us over at Sign up and we will keep you in the loop about upcoming events. You can also join in the conversations on Twitter using the hashtag #OutdoorBloggers.

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