The time I went on the BBC’s The One Show

Jennifer Tulip with The One Show bust poster The Thrifty Magpies Nest

 I wasn’t sure whether it was a scam when I saw the email from the Assistant Producer of The One Show in my inbox at 6pm last Tuesday evening, asking if I could be on the show the next evening.

A quick check of the person’s name on LinkedIn was enough evidence to convince my overcautious self it was genuine. I was asked to share a money saving tip on the show and, even though I do simple things everyday to save money, I couldn’t for the life of me think what to reply with.  I did what I normally do in such situations and called my sister to discuss. After excitedly explaining what was happening, the idea came to me. Yogurt! I make yogurt and save a fortune. I had written a blog post about making yogurt a year ago so fired the link of to the Assistant Producer. She replied saying she loved the tip and asked me to confirm I could get to London the next day.

What was I to wear? My hair colour was all washed out and patchy. What if I messed up my lines? What were my lines? What did they actually want me to do?

All these things were going through my head but I’m not really the sort of person to get nervous. I was stupidly excited.  And Dave and my step dad, Ian, were even more excited than me!

I shared the news on The Thrifty Magpies Nest Facebook page and messaged my close friends while heading down to the Big Smoke.

On arrival I was taken to a room by a lovely chap who’s name I cant remember. At this point I only knew that two other bloggers were to also be featured on the show but didn’t know who or even what I was doing.

The lovely Assistant Producer met with me and explained everything and I got even more excited. The three of us were to present our best money saving tip to Anne Robinson, in the theme of the Weakest Link. She was going to choose which blogger she thought was the ‘The Cheapest Link’. Awesome. She told me that the Ricky of Skint Dad Blog, who I met at Savoo’s Smartest Shopper awards last year, that I was shortlisted for, and Emma of Mums Savvy Savings.

Jenni Tulip The Thrifty Magpies Nest on the One Show

Ricky arrived shortly after and we shared our excitement and practiced our lines. There was a rehearsal in the studio and then we had our make up done. While sat in the chairs Anne Robinson walked into the room and asked the make up ladies for some chewing gum and said hello to Ricky before disappearing back into the studio. We glanced at each other with a mutual ‘that was surreal’ type look.

It was then time for the real thing! The three of us took our positions at the podiums and kept glancing at each other and smirking with excitement. The audience where ushered in to the studio, which is surprisingly smaller than I had imaged. The room was full of cameras and staff with headsets.

Then the show began. “Onnnnne Oneeeeee Oneeeeee Onnnnne,” I mimed to the opening credits.

Everything then just went so quickly. The camera came around to me and I spoke my lines. Anne announced Emma as the ‘cheapest link’ and then that was it!

Jenni Tulip The Thrifty Magpies Nest on the One Show

It was heard to hear what the presenters Alex Jones and Ore Oduba were saying from where we were but heard that Ore didn’t think my yogurt tasted like yogurt.  Maybe he’s just used the fake taste of Activa pots. Trust me though, it’s lovely, especially with honey.

We remained in the audience for the rest of the show then as all the audience left, Anne came over to congratulate us and ask us whether we enjoyed ourselves, which was kind of her. We then asked for ‘selfies’ with Anne and she willingly obliged.

“Am I alright to hug you for the photo Anne?” I asked.

“You can do whatever you want,” Anne replied.

Jenni Tulip The Thrifty Magpies Nest and Anne Robinson on The One Show

After saying goodbye to Alex, Ore, Anne and all the very friendly staff we were taken to our taxis to the station then I headed back up to Yorkshire on the train.

Jenni Tulip The Thrifty Magpies Nest Ricky Willis Skint Dad The One Show

I loved every second and, even though my moment of fame lasted no more than 10 seconds, it was totally worth it.

Next gig, Springwatch with Magnus the magpies (I wish!).

You can catch the full show on iPlayer here. Catch the three of us in ‘The Cheapest Link’ at 11 minutes and 45 seconds in.

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