What practical clothes to pack for a festival

Over the last few days I’ve heard the excitement from friends, colleagues and people on the internet about the exciting festivals they are heading to this weekend. With the weather report looking a but ropey, many people have been discussing what clothes to take with them. Last year a shared my essential items to pack for a festivals. As a super prepared, practical festival goer I hope to help those in last minute panic mode decide on what practical clothing to pack.

Thin raincoat or mac

When it rains there isn’t time to go back to the tent to find a coat- you will already be soaked. Pack a think raincoat that can be scrunched up into the bottom of your bag. You will be thankful to have to hand when the skies open just as your favourite act is about to come on stage. Below is a very excited me in my Bench mac.

Miss Jenni Tulip The Thrifty Mgapies Nest at Beat Herder Festival

Warm, waterproof boots

Welly boots are the iconic festival necessity but I also pack winter boots. It may seem excessive but come nightfall, the temperature drops and tootsies are prone to getting wet and cold. Wellies do a rubbish job of keeping feet warm, even with thick socks so I wear winter boots to keep my toes cozy and dry throughout the night. Tall boots like the ones below do a good a job of keeping mud at bay.

Warm hat

Temperatures can plummet at night and, if you are the type to carry on nattering back at camp long after the music has ended, a warm hat will help keep your whole body warmer. See that big white furry mass on my head in the photo below? That’s my party hat and it keeps me lovely and warm.


You may think I’m mad packing gloves as well as all these other things but they are work the 5cm squared of space they take up. Just those cheap fleecy ones will do. I keep them in my pockets for when it get’s to 3am and I can’t dance much longer and need to head back to the tent.

Small rucksack

Not strictly clothing but it goes on your body.  Having your hands free to hold drinks, through around in the air, erect tents, hug random people with ‘free hugs’ signs hanging around their necks and drag your fallen friend from the mud is essential. You also need someone to store your raincoat, money, phone, cider and glow sticks securely. Those mini rucksacks are ideal. Plus, if you are a lady, you have a better chance of getting a guy to hold it for you while you go to the loo thank you are if you pass them a handbag. 


For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting into my fleecy onesie then climbing into my sleeping bag. I’m one of those people who gets cold at night, no matter whether it is summer of winter. Just remember to wear a T-shirt underneath so you don’t have to sit naked on the portaloo in the night!

Miss Tulip jennifer tulip at Beat Herder Festival in the mud


Depending on the type of festival you are going to, you may spend quite a lot of time at night chilling out with other people in secluded locations, around the drum circle,  at camp or on the grassy area at the back of the crowds at the main stage. I typically do these things at festivals and can get cold quickly even though many girls are still walking around in hot pants, bare legs and crop tops. If you are a cold person like me, wear leggings under your jeans. They do wonders at keeping you warm. On really cold nights I wear them under my onesie in the sleeping bag, too. 

Afghan scarf

This versatile accessory is perfect for festivals- they keep your neck and face warm at night, keep the sun off your head during the day and even double up as something to lay down on the ground and sit on.

Miss Tulip at BeatHerder festival
As you can probably tell, I don’t pack light. But at least I am super comfortable for the duration of my holiday. These are the items I pack, whatever the type of festival I’m going to and there recommend them to you 🙂
Keep warm, stay dry and have a fab time!

By Jenni Tulip

I'm a bright-haired, hill walking, magpie whispering, skull collecting, tree hugging, money saving, bird watching, happy campervanning, ferret fanatic, woodland dweller sharing my stories and passion for the outdoors to inspire you to immerse yourself in nature.