I should complete the Lyke Wake Walk

In June I wrote  post titled ‘I’m going to complete the LykeWake Walk Challenge’.
I didn’t complete it. I didn’t actually start it.
The weekend of the walk had horrendous weather scheduled and Zoe of SplodzBlogz.co.uk and I took the difficult decision to cancel our adventure. Our bags were packed but we knew a few days before we may have to cancel, as the forecast was bad. We carried on planning knowing we may not actually go. It was a disappointing day. The weather did turn out to be as bad as the weather reports promised so we had made the right decision.
Zoe and I found just one weekend we were both free- the second weekend in October. So, this coming weekend we should complete the Lyke Wake Walk.
The change of date has actually worked out well because Allysse of besteglatisant.wordpress.com can come along too. Zoe, Allysse and I met for the first time at the inaugural Outdoor Bloggers weekend back in May and got on very well so I’m super excited to be undertaking the walk with them.
The Lyke Wake Walk is a 40 mile linear hike across the North Yorkshire Moors. The challenge is to complete the distance within 24 hours. However, considering the daylight hours at this time of year we have decided to do the walk over two days.  We aren’t too bothered about completing the challenge.  We are just excited to walk the trail.
The fact we are staying in a B&B on the Friday and the Saturday night makes it even more exciting. We have a triple room so it will be like a proper girly sleepover. We mustn’t stay awake chatting too long though- we will have long days ahead of us.

I have started to pack my bag and have prepared a list of essentials I need to buy for the walk. The main thing I haven’t got is a first aid kit- a must for a long distance walk the difficult terrain of the North Yorkshire Moors. I recently discovered the Outdoor Camping Direct website which sells brands such as Vango and Craghoppers and their prices are really low.  If you need a new rucksack take a look at their range as they start as low as £11.99 and they offer a range of capacities.  They do a first aid kit designed for trekkers costing £13.99. which is just what I’m looking for. The other main purchase will be food to eat along the way. Sandwiches are always my favourite choice for lunch and chocolate and nuts are perfect for keeping up my energy levels.

Only 5 sleeps to go. I can’t wait!

PS. This post was written in partnership with Outdoor Camping Direct

By Jenni Tulip

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