Phil Spencer, Home Hero series

It is 18 months since Dave and I moved from our tiny rented annex to the wood together. On one hand time has gone so quickly yet on the other it feels like we have been here together for years. It may be because I’ve already spent many years of my life here and it’s always been ‘home’ to me but either way, we feel settled.

Channel 4 and British Gas have recorded a mini series with Phil Spencer aimed at people who are buying a new house or have recently moved. Each episode is only around 7 minutes long, meaning they can be watched during lunch breaks during a commute. Phil advises recently-moved couples and individuals on all aspects of buying a house from arranging a removals van to personalising flat pack furniture.

Watching the series has given me a few ideas of what we can do to maximise our space and some interior quick-fixes we can fit in around our already busy weekends. Like most people who have just moved, we are on a budget and the series keeps this fact in mind throughout. Many home programmes presume the public have loads of money to splash on new furniture and DIY materials but I found this series much more minfuld of realistic budgets.

In this episode, Phil Spencer helps a couple turn their first house into a cosy space with minium effort and cost.

I LOVE the reupholstered chair. I’m going to look in some charity shops for a couple chairs and buy some fabric that is in keeping with our front room decor.

The Phil Spencer, Home Hero series can be viewed on Channel 4’s YouTube channel.

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