Passport and Flight

We’re going to Berlin next week!

Last week I received an email from a lady at MyVoucherCodes to tell me about their new holiday quiz that recommends a destination to you based on three simple criteria- the temperature, the cost and the type of holiday.

Coincidentally, Dave and I had been discussing the possibility of taking a short break since he has been very busy at work with a big project and would like to de-stress. Being the country bumpkin I am I prefer holidays to somewhere rural and I’m perfectly happy to camp to keep costs down however, with the weather being rather chilly, Dave opted for a city break somewhere in Europe. Considering I’m normally the holiday planner it was only fair to let Dave pick where to go. It’s quite easy to choose the destination of 3 night camping break because we are restricted by travelling time and I always choose a hilly location. Either the Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales or the Yorkshire Moors are my first choice. Picking a European city, however, is somewhat overwhelming. There are so many places to choose from and we know so little about any of them. So the email about the ‘My Perfect Holiday Generator’ came at an ideal time.

I chose a ‘Warm’ destination because I don’t really like to be too hot and find hot places a bit too desolate and lacking in vegitation. I also chose ‘Explore’ becuase we both want to discover exciting places in a city. Being the budgeters we are, we chose ‘Cheap’ for the price.

The result we got was Paris.

Inspired by the quiz we researched things to do in Paris. I visited while on a French Exchange when I was students so have experienced some of the main tourist attractions. Visiting as an adult, however, and without teachers, would be a somewhat different experience!

Naturally, we started to investigate other Europeans cities and we became totally inspired by all our options. We decided between us that we would like to go to a city we bot haven’t been to before so lay the Paris suggestion to rest for the time being. After asking for recommendations from our friends and over Twitter, we settled for Berlin.

Berlin appears to have it all- museums, a good nightlife, amazing street art, lot’s of history, cheap flights, good pubs, authentic street food – perfect!

We secured cheap-ish flights from EasyJet for £243 for the two of us booked a central hotel with fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor for just £204 for three nights. Best bit: we go next Tuesday!

Although we want to see some of the main tourist attractions we are keen to get a real sense of the culture and discover the places the locals hang out. Our plan is to find a good German pub and get advice from the punters over a pint.

So, if you have been to Berlin I would loooooove to hear your recommendations of what to see and where to go. Please comment with your recommendations or Tweet me at @MissJTulip. Thanks!


PS. This is a collaborative post however all views are my own.


By Jenni Tulip

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