releasing Lindy the hedgehog

Vlog: Releasing Lindy the rescue hedgehog

Finally, after almost 7 months of being in a care, we released Lindy back into the wild.

Lindy has come along way since Ian, my step dad and Rachel, our next door neighbour, found him while on a walk last October. He was tiny, very thin and was wandering around in the daylight. Ian knew the hedgehog was in danger so scooped him up and brought him home. After consulting a hedgehog hospital we committed to caring for him for the winter.

For the last 4 nights of his care he lived in Magnus the magpie’s aviary so that he could acclimatise to outdoor conditions after spending so many months in the warmth of a cage with a heat mat in one of the sheds. I set up the wildlife cam so I could monitor his feeding at night and was pleased to see him foraging and eating all the food I left out (with a little help from Magnus). I vlogged about his final few days in captivity here.

Here’s the footage I recorded of Lindy’s release and our farewell to the cute little ball of spikes. Enjoy!

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