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My new Trespass waterproof jacket

I’ve needed a new waterproof jacket for some time. My Mountain Warehouse one I bought in 2012 has all but lost its waterproofness despite several attempts to repair it with re-waterproofing products.

In October 2017, I am planning to do the West Highland Way with a Zoe and Allysse, two other Outdoor Bloggers. Between now and then I need to build up reliable kit for the 8-day hike. Scotland is renowned for its rain, so a trusty jacket is essential for the long-distance walk.

I have wanted a thin waterproof jacket as opposed to my current one which is quite thick. Being able to pack the jacket tightly into a rucksack is important as is having something lightweight.

IMG_4134 (1280x960)When Trespass got in contact with me to ask if I would like one of their jackets in return for an honest review, I jumped at the opportunity.

I chose the Elisha jacket in ‘Flint’ which matches my walking attire colour theme, black and purples/pinks and for its promise to be waterproof to ‘8000mm meaning moisture is unable to saturate the material and seep through to the interior’. It sounded and looked ideal!

IMG_4003 (1280x960)Reviewing the jacket in poor conditions hasn’t yet been possible due to the recent dry/mild weather of the only days I have had available to get outdoors. Over the Christmas weekend, I’ve managed to get out a few times with Dave and his siblings and took the opportunities to wear my lovely new jacket.

The first outing was to Harbottle, close to Rothbury in the Coquetdale valet of Northumberland. Our walk took us up to Drake Stone, a 30 ft high rocky outcrop, wrapped in folklore and said to be used by people in the Iron Age and Bronze Age. The wind was strong and very cold, so we didn’t spend long stood on top of the stone. The jacket kept the wind out very well. Paired with my second-hand duck down Fat Face bomber jacket, the layers kept me warm and cosy.

IMG_4007 (1280x960)The second opportunity to try the jacket out was on beautiful Alnmouth beach. The temperature was mild, and the air was dry and still so not ideal testing conditions, but it did mean I could get some good photos!

IMG_4183 (1280x953)The cut fits my shape well and looks flattering. Most jackets I try me look frumpy as I normally go for a larger size to cover my hips which results in baggy material around my waist and chest. I LOVE the colour scheme of the Flint version; the purply pink zips and match my accessories, and the greys and blacks match my hat and gloves.

IMG_2709 (1280x960)As long as the jacket passes the torrential downpour test, it will be included in my kit for the West Highland Way in October.

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