The Charlie McLeod Sports Cloak

If you’ve swam in the sea or open water, no doubt you have experienced wriggling out of your swimming gear and into your clothes while desperately trying to keep a towel wrapped around your body to spare your dignity.

The Charlie McLeod Sposts Cloak is a simple yet extremely effective solution to this problem.

The Sports Cloak is effectively an oversized long coat with a fleece lining which keeps your body warm while giving you wiggle room to remove and replace clothing underneath. Although not the most flattering of sportswear, the cloak certainly makes up for its shapeless looks with its ability to provide an appropriate way to get changed while in the company of others.

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Although designed for Triathlon athletes, the Sports Cloak, in my mind, is a fantastic item for anyone who frequently finds themselves in situations that changing clothing is fiddly. When camping at a campsite or staying in a hostel, for example. Shower rooms at visitor locations are often small and wet, making changing into clothes a faff. Rather than risking wetting the bottoms of your trousers or dropping your underwear on the wet floor, putting on the cloak in the shower room means you can get to your accommodation feeling cosy.

The Charlie McLeod team kindly sent me the Sports Cloak to review and enjoy on my adventures this year. Last weekend, I stayed in a lovely lodge in the county of Herefordshire.

Jenni Tulip The Thrifty Magpies Nest

Sheryl and Gareth, my sister and brother-in-law, treated Dave and I to the weekend break for our Christmas present. The four of us enjoyed long soaks in the hot tub on the deck while overlooking a field of grazing sheep. My Sports Cloak was the perfect items for keeping me warm as I moved from the hot tub back to the lodge to top up our beverages. I have spared you any awkward photos of me in my swimming costume and squirming inside the cloak to change my clothes.

The cloak features a full-length zip for easy wearing and the sleeves are short so that arms can be withdrawn inside of the cloak to easily to change clothes. The hood shelters the head from wind which is ideal when hair is wet. The whole cloak is lined with warm fleece which dries the body and keeps warmth in and the exterior keeps the wind out. The carry bag is multi-functional; as well as being a stuff sack it can also be stood on to keep feet dry while changing into socks and shoes.

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I’ll be packing the Sports Cloak when I go camping and to the festivals I’m heading to this year. No more wet socks or soggy trouser bottoms while I move from the shower back to the campervan.

By Jenni Tulip

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