Hello and welcome. I'm Jenni Tulip, a bright-haired Yorkshire born and bred country bumpkin with a passion for the outdoors.

I live with my partner, Dave, in our little piece of woodland we jointly own with my step dad, Ian, on the East side of God's Own County; Yorkshire. The woodland is our playground, our school, our office and our home. We share it with nature, after all, they were here before us.

Together, we're on a journey to slow down, reconnect with nature and grow within our environment.

Through this blog I share this journey with stories of walking, camping, exploring, nature and travel






I’m in my element while outdoors, exploring the countryside, hiking in the hills and going on camping trips. The natural world amazes me so I spend many hours watching documentaries and searching for wildlife. 




I’m a bit of a crazy bird lady as I have a passion for all feathery creatures and have reared many baby birds from ducklings to magpies. We have three fuzzy ferrets called Forest, Bramble and Bracken, a hand-reared magpie called Magnus, a hand-reared jay called DJ, a lurcher called Paddy and eight hens, who all appear on my Instagram frequently.






This is my partner Dave. He's an IT manager working in the city by day and enjoys working on his campervan by night.  Ian is a timber merchant and owner of Yorkshire Woodland Products, selling timber, logs and charcoal from our yard. By day, I'm a social media consultant running my own business, SocialRocks. from my home office. 





Oh, and my hair colour changes as frequently as the wind.