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The Charlie McLeod Sports Cloak

If you’ve swam in the sea or open water, no doubt you have experienced wriggling out of your swimming gear and into your clothes while desperately trying to keep a towel wrapped around your body to spare your dignity. The...

jenni Tulip TresPass Jacket

My new Trespass waterproof jacket

I’ve needed a new waterproof jacket for some time. My Mountain Warehouse one I bought in 2012 has all but lost its waterproofness despite several attempts to repair it with re-waterproofing products. In October 2017, I am planning to do...

jenni Tulip the thrifty magpies nest on the beach alnmouth

Low sun on Alnmouth beach

It’s almost the end of December and almost a week into winter. Yet, on Alnmouth beach today the temperature was mild, the air was still and the sun made the sea so blue it was like we were somewhere exotic....