jenni Tulip the thrifty magpies nest on the beach alnmouth

Low sun on Alnmouth beach

It’s almost the end of December and almost a week into winter. Yet, on Alnmouth beach today the temperature was mild, the air was still and the sun made the sea so blue it was like we were somewhere exotic.

Most afternoons spent at Dave’s parents involve a walk to Alnmouth beach which is just a 15-minute walk from their front door. We dressed up in our warm walking gear expecting brisk winds along the shore.

Here are my favourite photos from our stroll on Alnmouth beach taken with my iPhone6s.

IMG_4186 (1280x960) IMG_4165 (1280x960) IMG_4160 (1280x960) IMG_4153 (1280x960) IMG_4134 (1280x960) IMG_4121 (1280x960) IMG_4115 (1280x948) IMG_4100 (1280x960) IMG_4095 (1280x960) IMG_4094 (1280x960) IMG_4086 (1280x946) IMG_4067 (1280x960) IMG_4054 (1280x960) IMG_4053 (1280x960) IMG_4048 (1280x960) IMG_4046 (1280x960)IMG_4041 (1280x957)IMG_4131 (1280x960)

By Jenni Tulip

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